A Simple Favor Review (2018)


A Simple Favor is a comedic, thriller written by Jessica Sharzer, directed by Paul Feig, and starring Anna Kendrick, Blake Lively, and Henry Golding. The film is about Stephanie, Kendrick, who befriends her sons friend mom Emily, Lively. Stephanie is immediately intrigued by Emily as she is mysterious, but yet very forward and honest. One day Emily calls Stephanie and asks for one simple favor, to pick up her son from school. After she does so, Emily goes missing for days and Stephanie takes it upon herself to find Emily and figure out her past.

Now I was intrigued by, A Simple Favor, as I enjoy both the actresses, but also I love Paul Feig and his style of filmmaking(Spy still being my favorite film of his). And I have to say this film surprised me by how much I enjoyed myself. The film is not without its flaws, however, it is a smartly written, well acted, fun romp.

First off I want to start out with talking about our leading ladies. Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively both give the best performances of their careers, so far. Kendrick’s character Stephanie has a really nice and satisfying arch. She starts off very timid and unconfident, but by the end of the film she develops into a smart and capable badass who is two steps ahead of the game. On to Lively, she is deliciously twisted and conniving. I can’t say too much about her character, as it would spoil the film, however, I can vouch that she does amazing work here and she reminded me of a light, more comedic, version of Rosamund Pikes character in Gone Girl.

As for the writing and directing, it is very sharp and well executed. The humor in the film was unexpected, yet expected. Coming from a director like, Paul Feig, I expected there to be bursts of humor; however, there and abundance of it and for the most part it all lands. Also, another credit I give the writing is near the end, there is twist upon twist and people are deceiving people and playing mind games, and I found all very exciting and, most importantly, earned.

As for the problems a few do arise. One of my problems is the exposition of what happened. The set up and banter is great, but, the answers are just spilled out and it was a little much. However, this leads me to a bigger problem and thats how the mystery is solved. I think this films would have been even more effective if the audience was able to solve the mystery with Stephanie. Instead, we are just told what happens and it makes the experience less immersive. Another complaint is the backstory with Stephanie. They add something that made me feel a little uncomfortable and I think it was just unnecessary to her character. Lastly, this is just a nit pick but, the end they do title cards of, “Where are they now?” and it felt cheesy and once again necessary.

Overall, I had a great time with this film. The writing is witty, sharp and funny, and the acting and characters were fantastic, and lastly the mind games near the end where everyone is manipulating each other and staying on top of their game was so satisfying and clever I couldn’t help but smile. My score might seem a bit high for this one, but I can’t help myself I just had an amazing time at the cinema.

8.5/10 STARS


Ranking The Friday The 13th Franchise

In honor of the holiday adored by horror fans alike, I decided to take a trip to Camp Crystal Lake and rank the beloved horror franchise Friday the 13th and rank them from Worst to Best


12. Friday the 13th V: The New Beginning MV5BMmI5ZDRmOTMtNmJjNy00YWRkLTgwN2MtYzY5OTkzY2M5NjYxXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTQxNzMzNDI@._V1_UX182_CR0,0,182,268_AL_.jpg

I have always despised the 5th entry in the Friday franchise as I feel like it is just such a failure. The writing is laughable, the characters are annoying, unlikable, headache inducing, assholes, and if you really get down to it this whole movie is caused by a chocolate bar. Overall, this film is a big sleazy mess that completely misses the mark. It’s truly awful film making.

11. Friday the 13th VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan


Jason Takes Manhattan is the definition of a missed opportunity. As everyone probably knows by now, this film only takes place in New York City for about 10-15 minutes out of the entire 100 minute picture. The rest of the film is stuck on a boat with forgettable characters and also forgettable kills, a sin in the Friday franchise. The makeup in this film is also horrendous especially near the end. There are two pros to this movie i was able to find and that was the kick ass 80’s song in the beginning and the actual shots of Time Square, even though that only took up 2 minutes of the run time.

10. Jason Goes to Hell


This film has a good opening and a great ending thats about it. The rest of the film is ridiculous and, in my opinion, boring. Also, while I can respect trying to shake things up in the franchise, this was not the way to go. Making Jason a demon slug was very hard to get behind and just made me role my eyes the whole way through. Overall, this film is a boring, forgettable, shit show.

9. Friday the 13th VII: The New Blood


Like Jason Goes to Hell I can respect the ambition; however, once again like Jason Goes to Hell it didn’t work for me. Having a telekinetic girl, Tina, face off against Jason was an interesting idea, but ultimately I feel that it was executed poorly. Also, the supporting cast is weak and same goes for the lame kills hammered down by the MPAA. Overall, the films just missed the mark for me and when Friday the 13th comes around this isn’t the film I’ll be putting in.

8. Friday the 13th (2009)


Friday the 13th (2009) was a remake produced during the crazy remake craze when it was popular to remake classic 70’s and 80’s horror films. And while that craze is coming back with new horror remakes coming out at least now they are good, but back then it was a whole different story. People seem to actually really enjoy this remake more than others (i.e Nightmare on Elm Street, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Halloween); however , I’m quite the opposite as I prefer those previously mentioned movies over this one. While I like Jason and the kills in the film, I hate the card board cut out teenagers and the stupid writing. It was fine back in the day, but why do we still have the same exact characters 28 years later? Also, I never enjoyed the unnecessary plot about the sister. Overall, it’s not unbearable to watch as there are a few goo scenes and kills, but it’s just feels like a generic movie with a checklist.

7. Freddy VS Jason


When we aren’t spending time with the horribly annoying teens this film can be very fun. The scenes with Freddy, my favorite horror icon, and Jason are undeniably cheesy fun. Sadly, the parts surrounding those scenes are dull and slow. Overall, just watch a compilation of all the scenes with just Freddy and Jason on YouTube and I think you will be just fine.

6. Jason X


Ok listen, this movie is bad. It has bad effects, acting, and writing. With that being said this film is fun as fuck. For me it is a guilty pleasure cause I have a fun time watching it even though it’s terrible. The one universally agreed good thing in this film are the kills. Besides that the film isn’t good, but it is a fun train wreck.

5. Friday the 13th II


I’ll start with the good. The atmosphere is great, also the final girl, Ginny, is one of the more compelling heroines in this franchise as she is a child psychologist and proves to be a great match for Jason. On that note Jason makes his first appearance in the film and looks great even though we don’t see his iconic hockey mask yet. Now on with the negatives and that is this film feels like a carbon copy of the first film and it tries nothing new. Like were the POV shots really necessary this time around? Overall, the film is  enjoyable, but it just feels too familiar.

4. Friday the 13th IV: The Final Chapter


Arguably the fan favorite in the franchise, Friday the 13th part 4 is a fun time. I personally don’t love it as much as everyone else; however, I can see why many like it. Some of the teens, minus a few, are likable and the kills are pretty great. But I might be in the minority in admitting this, but I am not a big Tommy Jarvis fan at least in this film.

3. Friday the 13th VI: Jason Lives


This film is undeniably one of the best Friday films as it has likable teens, good kills, an interesting shake up as kids are finally brought to the camp and lastly the second best opening in the entire franchise. While there are still some writing issues this film is still a damn fun time.

2. Friday the 13th III

F13 3 1.jpg

This is a film where you either like it or you hate it and I’m in the camp, see what I did there, I have a blast watching the film. This is the perfect embodiment of a cheesy 80’s slasher. This film is also a staple in the franchise as it sees Jason dawn his famous hockey mask. Overall, it a fun cheesy film with good kills, fun characters and a fun summer atmosphere.

1. Friday the 13th (1980)


Coming in at number one is the original Friday the 13th directed by Sean S. Cunningham. This film is very influential to the horror genre as it continued the slasher craze started by Halloween (1978) but relocated it into a woods setting which became huge. The film boasts great atmosphere and an eeriness to it. The films low budget was still able to produce great kills and gore from makeup artist Tom Savini. Lastly, Besty Palmer puts in an unsettling performance as Ms. Voorhees. The only complaint I have is the supporting cast is a little spotty, however, they do their job.

Overall, I have fun with the Friday films from 6-1. It may not be my favorite franchise or the most well made, but it still is an iconic staple in horror history. Happy Friday the 13th!!

Most Anticipated Films For The Rest of 2018

With June coming to a close that means we are half way through 2018. While some may like to reflect on the films released thus far; today I decided to look forward and discuss what upcoming films hold the most promise, at least in my eyes. The ten films I am discussing today are ranked in order of the U.S release date. So without further ado lets begin.

Eight Grade (July 13th)

eight grade

Eight Grade is the new A24 coming of age comedy written and directed by comedian Bo Burnham. The films plot is pretty self explanatory from the title in that its about a young girl trying to navigate through her eight grade year and prepare herself for high school and the later years of her teenage life. Early reviews of the for the film have praised it for it’s humor, charm, and reliability. It’s definitely a film you should keep your eyes out for. Eight Grade will be released July 13th, 2018.

Mission Impossible-Fallout (July 27th)

mission 6

For some reason I feel like the 6th installment of the Mission Impossible franchise is going under the radar. However, this is a crime as the Mission Impossible films are fun, sophisticated action films with a great cast. Say what you want about Tom Cruise as a person, but as an actor he is charismatic and dedicated and it’s hard not to root for him. Personally I find the series to get better and better with each installment, as the last film, Ghost Protocol (2015), is my favorite in the series. And with that films director returning it’s sure to be a fun ride. Mission Impossible-Fallout is set to hit theaters July 27th, 2018.

The Nun (September 7th) 

the nun

Admittedly, I am a sucker for horror movie, but especially good horror films. Personally, I feel these last couple years have been the best years for horror ever! Period! The horror films that have been released lately have been smart, sophisticated, and most importantly, scary, and I’m hoping that I can soon add The Nun to that long list of great horror films of the past five years. While I can’t comment on the directors talents as I’m not familiar with his work, even though from the trailer it seems he is doing a phenomenal job, I can comment that I have high expectations for the screenplay from writer, Gary Daubernman fresh off the 2017 smash horror flick IT. The Nun will be scaring its way into theaters September 7th, 2018.

A Star Is Born (October 5th)

a star is born

I just got to say wow! I was eagerly waiting for this film as I was excited to see Bradley Coopers directorial debut and also to see if Lady Gaga would actually be able to carry a film. Then, I saw the trailer and was blown away. Cooper and Gaga’s chemistry seems very powerful onscreen. Another highlight from the trailer was the music, sung beautifully by both Cooper and, of course, Gaga. It’s definitely a film to watch out for, for awards season, and as a person who has never seen the other adaptations I am very excited to see how the story plays out this time around. A  Star Is Born is set to be in theaters October 5th, 2018.

Bad Times At The El Royale (October 5th)

bad times

It seems that October 5th will be a busy time at the theaters as not only A Star Is Born will be released, but also Bad Times At The El Royale. Admittedly, this film flew under my radar for a while; however, after viewing the amazing trailer for the film I can honestly say I am all in! Cabin In The Woods (2012) director, Drew Goddard, seems to be going all out for his second major release and Im excited to witness the twist and turns Goddard will provide with this all-star cast: Jeff Bridges, Jon Hamm, Dakota Johnson, Chris Hemsworth etc. Bad Times At The El Royale will be checking in October 5th, 2018.

First Man (October 12th)

first man.jpg

First Man is a film based off the the life of astronaut, Neil Armstrong, and his historic trip to the moon. This film see a reunion of the LaLa Land (2017) director, Damien Chazelle, and star, Ryan Gosling. From the trailer it seems as if Damien went all out, once again, for this film. It appears that every film he produces becomes bigger and grander in scale in budget. Now, will Chazelle be able to top his previous film which is held by many, including myself, as one of the best films of the 21st Century? It is going to be tough, however, there is no doubt in my mind that will be able to achieve greatness once again. First Man will be launching into theaters October 12th, 2018.

Beautiful Boy (October 12th)

beautiful boy.jpg

Oscars, Oscars, Oscar. Did I mention this film has Oscars written all over it? Beautiful Boy is based on real life memoirs written about a father and a sons struggle with addiction, and it stars the Oscar nominated actor Steve Carell and newly nominated Timothée Chalamet. Just in the trailer alone my heart was racing and I was instantly captured by both Carell and Timothées’ performances. The film is sure to be heartbreaking, emotional, but important. Beautiful Boy hits theaters October 12th, 2018.

Halloween (October 19th)


Before I begin why is this film called Halloween. Like there is Halloween, 1978, Halloween, 2007, and now Halloween, 2018! Also, it’s a sequel so it should be called like, Halloween: Returns, Halloween: Im back Bitch, or something else. Anyways, besides that it seems as of now everything is going right for this film. The trailer was great, it has the blessing from the original director, John Carpenter, and veteran scream queen, Jamie Lee Curtis, put down the Activa, got off the couch and returned for this film. As a fan of the original film I can’t wait to see the return of this franchise, and I’m hoping they take risks and develop a good story. Halloween slashes into theaters October 19th, 2018.

Suspiria (November 2nd)


The last horror films on this list is a remake of the Italian classic, Dario Argentos Surpiria (1977). At the helm of this film is Call Me By Your Name (2017) director, Luca Guadagnino, who seems, from the trailer, to be completely respecting the original but making it his own. The first film is known for its beautiful nightmarish colors, however, it seems Guadagnino is going more for a realistic and bleak pallet and it seems to be working in building an uncomfortable and eerie atmosphere. Suspiria hits theaters November 2nd, 2018.

The Favorite (November 23rd)

The Favorite.jpg

The last film I will be talking about, interestingly, has not had any trailers or even pictures released, however, I’m still highly anticipating this release. From the all star cast of Rachel Weisz, Olivia Colman, Nicholas Hoult, and of course, one of my favorite actresses of all time, Emma Stone. The film also has an intriguing story taking place in the 18th century. Another huge boost of confidence for this film is the director of The Lobster (2015) and Killing of A Sacred Deer (2017), Yorgos Lanthimos. In summation, this film has so much going for it that I’m eagerly awaiting the release. The Favorite is set to open November 23rd, 2018.

    So those are my picks for  my most anticipated films for the rest of 2018. What are some you think I missed? I’m sure there are a lot, lol. Thanks for reading!

The Movie Tag!


  • How often do you watch a movie?  I watch about one movie every other day.
  • What movie genre are you particularly fond of? Dramas.
  • What was the last movie that you’ve watched and liked? I re-watched Ratatouille  again and it still remains one of the best Pixar movies!
  • What was the last movie that you’ve watched and hated?  Romeo + Juliet (1996) with Leonardo DiCaprio. I didn’t hate it and I see what they were going for, but it did not work for me.
  • What is your favorite movie of all time?  Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance). Yes, I say the whole title every time.
  • Your most favorite guilty pleasure movie?  I have a couple but one big one is Star Wars The Phantom Menace. It’s not a good movie, but I love Star Wars and I grew up with Episode 1.
  • What movie/movies have you watched a million times already?  Austin Powers International Man of Mystery lol.
  • Are you the type who watches a movie on its first day of showing?  Depends on the film.
  • Do you use Fandango or do you pre-booked movie tickets?  Sometimes.
  • Theater, Blu-ray, or download?  All of the above, but mainly the first two.
  • What is a movie that made you cry?  La La Land ;(
  • Do you watch foreign films?  Not as much as I should
  • What is your favorite foreign film?  I really enjoyed Suspiria.
  • Who are your favorite directors?  Alfred Hitchcock, David O. Russell, and Darren Aronofsky are my top three at the moment but there are so many!
  • Are you particular with movie scores, soundtracks, and musics?  I can be.
  • What movie soundtrack can be found in your iPod?  La La Land, Star Wars, and a lot of Pixar sound tracks.
  • Have you ever watched a movie alone in a theater? Yep
  • Your favorite comic book movie?  Cliché but I mean nothing beats The Dark Knight.
  • Do you read movie critic reviews before watching a film?  Sometimes.
  • What is the best movie adapted from a book?  Harry Potter 
  • Favorite Comedy? Thats hard! Some of them include Trainwreck, Spy, 22 Jump Street, Anchorman, The Simpsons Movie, Blockers, Austin Powers… There is SO MANY!!
  • Drama movies?  Birman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) ;), Silver Linings Playbook, Black Swan, American Hustle…. Once again SO MANY UGH IM STRESSED
  • Western movie? True Grit Remake (2010)
  • Musical Movies? La La Land and Singing in the Rain
  • Horror film? A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984).  I could list a lot more like I did with the other categories but I’ll just say one cause I don’t want to forget a bunch.
  • Sci-fi?  Back to the Future, Arrival and Star Wars (if you count it some people argue it’s a fantasy)
  • Action movies?  Die Hard, Inception  Dark Knight, Indiana Jones, so many more!
  • Who is your most favorite movie couple? Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling
  • Any movie character you can relate to?  Not off the top of my head.
  • Your least favorite movie of all time?  HUMAN CENTIPEDE 3 LIKE WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK
  • What movie you expected and wanted to be good but failed you?  Passengers and most recently Insidious: The Last Key and Cloverfield Paradox
  • Favorite movie character of all time? Don’t make me choose…..NEXT
  • Favorite movie villain?  Darth Vader
  • Any movie sequel that you’re still waiting to see? I mean  Star Wars Episode 9 of course.
  • Ever made a movie review? YES! Check out my YouTube channel Mr.MovieBuff. Also, I will start posting reviews on here as well.
  • Star Wars or Star Trek?  STAR WARS
  • Right now, think of any movie, what comes first?  Star Wars cause I just typed it in the last question…. But I also just started thinking about Sharkboy and Lavagirl and I don’t know why lol.

Hope you guys learned more about me through this tag! Feel free to do your own. Also, I did not come up with these questions I found them online and copied them then wrote my response.



Hey everyone! Thank you so much for clicking on my new blog. This blog will be an extension of my YouTube channel (Mr.MovieBuff). I am making this blog so I can put up more content i.e. Reviews, rankings and just my thoughts about film. I will still be posting on my channel every so often; however, I want to try blogging to put up more content. I hope you enjoy and if you have any feed back please let me know respectively! 🙂